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05/03/2017Request an Appointment Online Now Available!  Cloverdale Optometric is pleased to be an innovative leader in vision care by offering the ability to Request an Appointment Online  We are your forward looking one stop vision care center for Eastvale, Ontario Ranch, Mira Loma, Norco, Chino, Chino Hills, Corona, Corona Valley, Ontario, Riverside, Dos Lagos, and surrounding areas! 

01/02/2010Advanced Retinal Camera Now Provides Deep Insight into Eye Health!  Cloverdale Optometric is pleased to be a progressive leader in vision care by having onsite a new innovative Retinal Camera to take detailed pictures of a patient's retina for early diagnosis, tracking, and treatment of diseases.  With this new technology, no more uncomfortable dilation of eyes for detailed examinations.  Please see our Retinal Camera page for more info.